5a Biblical passages explained, Part One

5a Biblical passages explained, Part One
Bible Me This
5a Biblical passages explained, Part One

Feb 19 2023 | 00:27:49

Episode 5 February 19, 2023 00:27:49

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Jill Loree

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Here are biblical passages explained by the Pathwork Guide. In this collection we uncover hidden meanings and unravel many of the riddles of the Bible.

  • What more can you say about the true meaning of “turn the other cheek?”
  • “He who wants to win his life will lose it. He who is ready to give it up will win it.” What does that mean?
  • What did Jesus mean when he said to Peter, “Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church. And the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it. I will give thee the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven; And whatever thou shalt loose on earth shall be bound in Heaven.” (Matthew 16: 18-20).
  • In the Book of Exodus, it said to collect manna only for one day and on the Sabbath for two days. If they collected for two days on any other day but for the Sabbath, it rotted. But for the Sabbath, it did not. What is the meaning of this?
  • What is the true spiritual meaning of this statement. “To those who have, more will be given, and to those who have not, what they have will be taken away?”
  • What’s the deeper meaning of, “All things work together for the good for those who love God.”
  • What’s the explanation for the saying of Jesus, “Come as a little child?”
  • What did Jesus mean by “the meek shall inherit the earth?”

Listen and hear the Pathwork Guide's answers.

Bible Me This, Chapter 5a: Biblical Passages Explained, Part One

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