8 Meaning of baptism

8 Meaning of baptism
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8 Meaning of baptism

Feb 24 2023 | 00:09:49

Episode 10 February 24, 2023 00:09:49

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What is the deeper meaning of baptism?

It is easy to see the symbolic meaning of baptism by water and spirit. Water represents eternally changing truth that yet remains essentially unaltered over time, and the ever-flowing nature of our feelings. Spirit symbolizes the active principle of our thoughts and our will. We must give these human faculties over to Christ who symbolized what love means through his life and his death.

Before a spirit can be reborn, it must repent. If we can’t recognize our own Lower Self, how can be know the harmful effects we are having on others. How would we be motivated to change the error of our ways. When we decide to do this, our feelings will change, our thoughts and will direction will shift, and we shall truly be reborn of water and spirit, in the name of Jesus Christ.

When we use the expression “in the spirit of Jesus Christ,” or “in the name of Jesus Christ,” we are saying that we take this action the way Jesus would: with the same attitude, thoughts, loving nature, willingness to forgive, abiding positive intention, devotion to God, and sacrificing of the little me-me-me ego—all for the greater good. We’re not just saying we have a simplistic belief in this historical person named Jesus Christ who gives us salvation—although this is actually often just what’s meant.

It really doesn’t matter whether an actual dunking in water took place. If it did, it was a ritual and the purpose of doing so would have been to express the inner meaning. Later such a ritual, as is often the case, may become an empty gesture. Then people blindly believe that the act creates the transformation. But that, of course, can never be the deal, no matter how much lip service is given to praising the Lord and pronouncing undying devotion to him.

Inner transformation takes hard work. And it takes time. We can’t do this without the help of the Lord. But with his help, all things are possible. When an inner baptism takes place—meaning an inner transformation and a total commitment to aligning with the will of God—a magnificent light springs up in the Spirit World. This light adds to the great reservoir of all-things-good-and-wonderful, rejoining the glory of eternal life.

Listen and learn what the Pathwork Guide taught us.

Bible Me This, Chapter 8: Baptism

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