1 Understanding the Bible

1 Understanding the Bible
Bible Me This
1 Understanding the Bible

Feb 15 2023 | 00:25:22

Episode 1 February 15, 2023 00:25:22

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Jill Loree

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When it comes to understanding of the Bible, including the Old as well as the New Testament, it can be interpreted on many levels. The lowest level is the historical level. From this perspective, there are many errors and omissions, which one would expect. Next there is the spiritual and symbolic level, or what we might call the metaphysical level. And lastly is the psychological level, which may be the most useful for people today in our current state of development.

This last level is present regarding everything mentioned in Holy Scriptures. And reading meaning on one level doesn’t cancel the others out. So people, for example, many of whom really lived on Earth—not all, but many—also then represent psychological aspects. It is the simultaneous existence of the many different levels that makes the Bible such a magnificently unique and outstanding document. But it also makes understanding the Bible a challenge

So we can search for meaning on each of these planes. That’s when we will discover how inconceivably artful Holy Scripture is in the way it has been constructed. We can’t fully comprehend how strongly and resourcefully the Spirit World of God worked on this. They helped create this marvel, even as they could foresee how human errors would inevitably slip in over time.

Even with its flubs, the Bible has no equal. There are few people indeed who really get this and who get the meaning that exists on all these levels. Many perceive one level and perhaps even two. But there’s hardly a soul on Earth who can grasp them all.

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Bible Me This, Chapter 1: Understanding the Bible

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